Led Fluorescent Lamps

Led fluorescent lamps- the newest technology

LED lights were meant to replace all the CFLs, halogen and incandescent lights that lighten up your home. these all are small, miniature bulbs used in spot lighting and in lamps, etc. however, there was still a need for a better replacement for the old, traditional tube lights which are actually fluorescent tubes. These fluorescent tubes use mercury to produce light which is very toxic and is hazardous for the environment. CFLs also use mercury but they use on a very small sale that can be ignored but tube lights have a larger amount of mercury in it which can pose a potential risk to the environment as well as your family. Besides this, the performance of tube lights is not very satisfactory as they flicker and the light is very drab. Hence, there was always a need for a better replacement of these tube lights.

A surprising fact is that no matter how many spot lights you have in your home and how many other CFL bulbs you have, you will still need the traditional tube light. Without tube lights, you will feel that your room is still dark and needs more lights. a tube light can lighten up your entire room without the need for any other lights. for tube lights, there is better replacement available now which is the led fluorescent lamps. you will first get confused when you hear this name as led and fluorescent are two different technologies so how can it be possible that led fluorescent lamps are made. Actually this name is misnomer and it is named like this because these 12v led lampsremind us of the fluorescent tubes and they are meant for replacing the fluorescent tubes. Actually the fluorescent tubes are known widely as the fluorescent tubes not because of its technology but because of its use and shape as tube light. Hence, in this respect the led tube lights are also called the led fluorescent lamps.